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Reports on Campus & U.S. Antisemitism

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_____. 2023. “Confronting Campus Antisemitism: An Action Plan for University Administrators,” Read here.
Anti-Defamation League (ADL). 2023. “Anti-Israel Activism on U.S. Campuses, 2022-2023” (September 12), Read here.
_____. 2023 “ADL Reports Unprecedented Rise in Antisemitic Incidents Post-Oct. 7” (December 11), Read here.
Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Hillel International, and College Pulse. 2023. “Campus Antisemitism: A Study of Campus Climate Before and After the Hamas Terrorist Attacks” (November 29),
Read here.
"Antisemitism on the American Campus" Conference at UIUC, 2024. (May 1), See links.
Beckwith, Laila, and Tammi Rossman-Benjamin. 2022. A Looming Crisis for the American Jewish Community: Campus Antisemitism & the Assault on Jewish Identity. Santa Cruz, CA: AMCHA Initiative (November), Read here.
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_____. 2023. “Anti-Zionist Harassment Is Against the Law, Too.” Sapir 10 (Summer), Read here.
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Wright, Graham, Michelle Shain, Shahar Hecht, and Leonard Saxe. 2017. The Limits of Hostility: Students report on Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Sentiment at Four US Universities (December), Brandeis University: Steinhardt Social Research Institute, Read here.
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